Production Notes

Vocal/Guitar: Windrata Faizal
Guitar: Dwiki Putra
Bass: Wing Wisesa
Drum: Farras Fauzi

Produced by Cotswolds

Recorded at Natural Studio, Jl. Gayungan PTT

Cover Artwork by Windrata Faizal

Liner Notes

Cotswolds, are consist of four youngsters, brought together for the love of late fuzzy guitar, reverb sounds, late 1970s post punk, dusty catalog of Postcard Records and Thames Valley sounds. They brings out the cold side of the hot and sunny Surabaya. Heavily soaked with roomy sounds, motoric beats and echoed voice. These lads surely will bring the rain inside every mind who listens to them.

This Cotswolds is not the name of a city somewhere in west-central England, this Cotswolds is a voice calling from the depth of a dark ocean inside your head

(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)