• RELEASE DATE /10 August 2010

Production Notes

Copyleft 2010 Yes No Wave Music and Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records

Shorthand Phonetics is Ababil Ashari (vox, guitar, bass, programming)

All tracks by A. Ashari except track 1 by A. Ashari / V. L. Hidajat

Cover art “Hide and Tsubasa” by Felkiza Vinanda

“Relationship: A Picture Book for Young Adults”
by Felkiza Vinanda and Ababil Ashari

Produced, mixed and mastered by A. Ashari Recorded at The Yellow House (Rumah Kuning), Kampung Geulis, Jatinangor, Jawa Barat, Indonesia to a 2007 Hewlett-Packard Presario V3500 through a Labtec webcam mic in fourth week of June 2010

Guitar and bass amplification provided by Pascal Christian

Guitar and bass refurbishing by Sigit of Planet Musik, Jakarta, Indonesia

Dedicated to Tsubasa, Miyuki and Hyuga

Liner Notes

“thirty-four minutes with hide and tsubasa” is the fifth full-length LP by lo-fi indie rock band Shorthand Phonetics. It was released on the internet in 10th of August 2010. This LP was exclusively recorded to a Helwett-Packard V3500 with Sonar 7 and FL Studio 7 software through a Labtec webcam mic in the fourth week of June 2010.

“thirty-four minutes with hide and tsubasa” is a thirty-four minute concept album that is a representation of Hide and Tsubasa’s last conversation just about Hide’s plane is about to leave for a foreign land. The music represents the conversation while the lyrics represent Hide’s thoughts. This album follows the same continuity as all past Shorthand Phonetics albums.