Production Notes

Compiled by Ababil Ashari of Shorthand Phonetics

For full detail about featured band infos, please download and read the booklet.

Liner Notes

A few days ago, Yes No Wave planned to released a mixtape project which invited musician or music fan to make their own mixtape. The main candidate was Ababil Ashari from Shorthand Phonetics. But, after some consideration, this mixtape project will become much more interesting if being released in podcast format. In this format, the mixtape will be compiled into one file and with the RSS feed support, all user can subscribe this release easily. Next, the release of this mixtape project will be published through Xeroxed.

“Short/headphone/tics: An Automusicological Mixtape by Shorthand Phonetics” is an artist mixtape curated by Ababil Ashari of indie rock songwriting outfit Shorthand Phonetics. This compilation seeks to identify Shorthand Phonetics’ musical influences and explain how specific strains of niche genres has influenced Shorthand Phonetics’ musical output.

The compilation features artists as diverse, but nonetheless influential to Shorthand Phonetics, as American emo/math-rock band Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, Indonesian noise outfit Concrete Aluminum, Swedish lo-fi rockers Kirsten Bride to Israili bedroom electronica artist Cherly KaCherly.

Mixed into one cohesive listen, this is a mixtape made to be consumed from the first track to the final track uninterupted. This is a mixtape that analyses, deconstucts and explains the influences the music of Shorthand Phonetics. A must have for fans and music geeks alike!” (Ababil Ashari)