• RELEASE DATE /17 December 2013
  • CATALOG /T/T027

Production Notes

Stephen Carradini – Bass and Vocals
Adam Howard – Guitar, Piano, Percussion, miscellany

Thanks to contributions of all size: Bobby Griffith, Daniel Howie, Ben Nichols, Grahm Roach, Rich and Stacy Lubbers, Bruce Buescher, Jake Lovelace.

Adam Howard recorded and engineered the songs.

Liner Notes

The Midnight Sons, Stephen Carradini and whoever else is around play songs that don’t get very loud at all is back! Under the name of The Midnight Sons, Carradini and associates returns, to deliver indie pop gospel and asks us to join him to walk under the light. Carradini is making sure that his songs are light enough so that he can illuminate the whole world entirely. But hear this! these songs are not to be taken lightly.

(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)