• RELEASE DATE /14 September 2010
  • CATALOG /TT009

Production Notes

Produced by Andrew McShan

Photography by ToastyKen

Liner Notes

Emo Side Project was (and is still) my primary influence in my music making “career”. To make as many works of art as possible and publish them online as they are done, Emo Side Project encouraged me to do that.

As far as productivity is concerned, I can’t think of anyone that can rival Emo Side Project’s 20+ album discography in the outfit’s 5-7 year existence. These albums have ranged from electric to acoustic, ambient to emo and everything in between. So, I approached Andrew McShan, the main man behind Emo Side Project (plus doctorate candidate in Biochemistry and also just about my age) to make a compilation EP for people who might be intimidated by the breadth of his discography.

To make it interesting I came up with the idea of collecting “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” (just like that old English wedding poem). He said yes, and this is the result! Enjoy!

And if you like, go here for more!

(Ababil Ashari)