• RELEASE DATE /17 Agustus 2015
  • CATALOG /T/T038

Production Notes

Copyleft 2015 Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records
Words, music and art by David H Tobing
Produced, mixed and mastered by Ababil “Ash” Ashari

Liner Notes

Cortical is a project from Jakarta’s enigmatous David H Tobing. Living in a busy and high density Jakarta, Cortical delivers a complex music experience and systematic arrangement. Parallel to the complex everyday life of this Indonesia’s Capitol City, Cortical offers a formulation of djent metal and jazzy touch. The combination offers a reflection of the Jakarta’s cramped space that is surrounded by automobiles and buildings while the inhabitants are forced to deal with limited time in such small maneuvering space to get to the destination. Much to say along with the 70th Independence Day of Indonesia, the older our country gets, the more complex our life becomes. Anyway, MERDEKA!

(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)