• RELEASE DATE /11 May 2015
  • CATALOG /T/T037

Production Notes

Copyleft 2014 Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records
Dandy Gilang (vox, guitar, bass, drum)
Aulia Anggia (vox)
Track by Dandy Gilang and Aulia Anggia
Cover Artwork Photograph: Dandy Gilang
Produced and Mixed by Dandy Gilang 
Recorded at Jl. Selat Karimata, Sawojajar, Malang, East Java, Indonesia. Except drums at Osithok Studio Jalan Lumajang 1, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Liner Notes

Much. Is a duo, occasionally a band mainly consists of Dandy Gilang (again, what do you expect he’s one of our favorite artists here) and his muse Aulia Anggia playing happy indie rock, sometimes gloomy yet still with a happy tone. The singles consists of two unreleased songs from Closest Things I Can Relate To EP recording session. At first Dandy was unsure about these two songs, but after hearing session with our staff Alfan, the songs are eventually released under the name Residues (consider this as a supplement for the EP). Well for you who wants some  instant happy energy supplement heerees MUCH!

(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)