Production Notes

Freshwater Fish are

Doni (Drum)
Gunawan (Guitar)
Donny (Guitar, Vocal)
Joko (Bass)
Riko (Bass)

Additional vocals by Afrilyno, Donny, Rofi, Nova Ruth, Arfan, Dayat (Today is Struggle),
Andri (Bangkai), Irfan (Fan), Amy, Farid Hamzah Fansuri
Trumpet by Luhur

All tracks produced, written and performed by FreshWater Fish

Mixed by Kris Nadiza at audiogenic recording studio

Artwork by Rio Krisma

Liner Notes

With howls of pain, trembling to psychotic voice, side by side with a driving drumbeat and weeping brass section. Freshwater Fish carry ammunitions of words that philosophically, politically and sociologically fierce. With themes spanning from juvenile addiction to internet social network up to urban decay, they provoke their listeners to protests on all aspect of life. Describing the human race as an animal with an ability to symbolize thoughts, that unfortunately leading themselves into a downfall. Built a country which in the end turned into a trashbin, that suck everything in and self destructed.

(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)