Production Notes

Compiled by Akhmad Alfan Rahadi of Papa Onta Cult

For full detail about featured band infos, please download and read the booklet.

Liner Notes

The idea of making this mixtape actually came from Ababil Ashari who passed on this project couple of months ago. Who was also got the same project by Yes No Wave, of inviting musician or music fan to make their own mixtape. This compilation seeks to identify the candidate musical influences and explain how specific strains of niche genres has influenced the candidate’s musical output. And now it is now Papa Onta Cult’s turn and not just putting names who musically influenced, but also the names that actually determined the band’s path which made Papa Onta Cult today.

Starting from the beginning of scene exploring days, until the days of the band’s notoriety, it is undeniable that, the role of friends become the driving force of the band’s opus. The main aim of this project is not only an answer of the project that was passed on but, also a tribute to those who have done much to Papa Onta Cult’s well being. The Idea of the title is simple, that we Papa Onta Cult are really grateful that we have been met with these great group of people that each of them have their own sounds and music that fill our days. As if it were our rites that we listen to them almost everyday.

(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)