• RELEASE DATE /18 April 2011
  • CATALOG /T/T012

Production Notes

Concrete Aluminium are
Paul Agusta (lyrics, vox, mixing, programming)
Rayhan Sudrajat (Guitar, vox, and everything else)

All tracks produced, written and performed by concrete aluminium except for “Potret Diri”, Lyrics from a poem by Leon Augusta

Copyleft 2010 Concrete Aluminium

Liner Notes

Silence comes with a noise.They are cold and telling us stories, and that’s exactly what this duo of electronica/noise musician and cutting edge film-maker Paul Agusta and Rayhan Sudrajat come up with,Under the moniker of Concrete Aluminium They put together spoken word, noises and instrumental bliss into “Windows of Burnt Down Houses”. A sparse yet atmospheric journey behind “Windows of Burnt Down Houses” won’t just give you sounds but also an experience.

(Ababil Ashari)