Production Notes

Track 1 by Bottlesmoker / Sunday Carousel / Pink Pony Club
Track 2 by Bottlesmoker / Ajie Gergaji

Cover Art by Akbar (A Stone A)

Bottlesmoker are Anggung Kuy Kay & Ryan Nobie Adzani.

Liner Notes

“Before Circus Over + Frozen Scratch Cerulean” is a single by indietronica band Bottlesmoker. It was released on the internet in 7th of July 2010 on Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records [T/T 005]. The single contains two songs:

A remix of “Before Circus Over,” which was originally a track on Bottlesmoker’s 2nd album “Slo Mo Smile”. This remix was done in collaboration with Sunday Carousel and Pink Pony Club.

The next track is a new song entitled “Frozen Scratch Cerulean”. This track sees Bottlesmoker spread their wings onto more shoegazer territory with the help of The Milo’s Ajie Gergaji.

(Ababil Ashari)