Production Notes

Copyleft 2015 Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records
Bottlesmoker are Anggung Kuy Kay & Ryan Nobie Adzani.
Track by Bottlesmoker
Cover Artwork by TertandaWisnu
Mastered by Kelvin Adisetya
This remix album project initiated by Adhy Saka Juhansyah a.k.a Shakaboyd.
Thanks to the remixer:
Little Penguin, Cerumentric, Bagus AS, The Happy Club, CP1K, 360, BIMSKI, Kalstac, Shakaboyd, Carlo, Avonturir, Pram3Adji, Wiyana Sakti, GYLD, Andezzz Saturdaze, Malikzzz, Junichi Usui, Sansalvadore, Bossbattle, NoisyNoise

Liner Notes

Bottlesmoker, an electronic group from Bandung that has been molded from 4 elements of D.I.Y, Internet, Free Music Share and Creative Commons License has work together with us again in this special Indonesian release of “Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands; Hypnagogic Remix” which is now a remix album 0f 20 tracks.

Previously they also released a remix album on 2010 “Bottlesmoker On The Other Hands: Slow Mo Smile Remix” and as for the Hypnagogic album, it was released by Dystopiaq a netlabel based in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Now with the spirit of “Sumpah Pemuda National Day”, our proud Indonesian ambassador of Indietronic music re-release this masterpiece in Tsefula/Tsefuelha.

Back then Bottlesmoker was a music project by Anggung Suherman (Angkuy) and Ryan Nobie Adzani, from Bandung, Indonesia. In 2005, this duo was working on experimental music in area of electronic pop – indietronic instrumental, that was still not widely received. Having played in several music festival in Philippines, China, Vietnam and Singapore, today Bottlesmoker has turned into one of the respected music groups in Asia. As if it is a living proof that D.I.Y still matters and remix as a representation of freedom.

(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)