Production Notes

All tracks written and performed by To Forfeit, who are Garbanu
Priaduaja, David Tobing, Andra Semesta, Marvin Saliechan, and Dylan

All lyrics by Andra Semesta

Album artwork by Andra Semesta

Mixed and Mastered by Ababil “Ash” Ashari

Liner Notes

When you come across with To Forfeit, be sure that you’ll never get forfeit for being enthusiasticly empathize with them. Emotional rock as true as it gets, these guys really deliver a sense of emotive sound that can only be found in early days of Cursive and Appleseed Cast. A combination of psychedelic tunes and impulsive vocal, To Forfeit reign supreme in the unexplored frontier of Indonesia’s emotive rock sound. In a simplest way, To Forfeit is one of a kind in the angst-ridden music scene

(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)