• RELEASE DATE /28 May 2013
  • CATALOG /T/T025

Production Notes

Woodcabin are :

Brian Wok
Farass Fauzi
Prabu Pramayougha

Recorded at Teargas Lab on a rainy day at May 2013 by Irsyad

All songs and lyrics by Woodcabin

Artwork cover by Brianwok & Prabuerg

Blurry view of Jatinangor’s Damri Shelter photo by Prabuerg

Liner Notes

Woodcabin is a trio from Jatinangor that draws influence from classic 90’s Midwest American sound of combining melodic punk and math-rock progression. A joint venture between Jatinangor’s Saturday Night Karaoke and Surabaya’s Cotswolds, this moodboster and positively emotive punk is a prove that “emo” isn’t all about sadness and restlessness. Borrowing from Rainer Maria’s song title, Woodcabin is a perfect “breakfast for champions”. No further babbling, we give you Jatinangor’s finest, Woodcabin.

(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)