Production Notes

Stephen Carradini and The Midnight Sons

Stephen Carradini (piano/vocals)
Jeff Hinton (bass)
Ryan Martin (percussion).

Carli Lewis: vocals on “When,” “Kenya Song,” and “Amos 5:14.”
Laura Bartlett: vocals on “While We’re Living.”
The Sons are joined on “Brother: Joe” by The Oh Dark Thirty: Laura Bartlett, Janelle Breeding, John Calvin Abney III, Jeff Hinton, Carli Lewis, and James Metelak.

Recorded and engineered by Justin Blasier at Under Ladder Studios, Enid, OK.

Additional parts recorded by John Calvin Abney III at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK.

Liner Notes

In Solemn bond with Jesus and under such indomitable piety, words and joyful melody came down through the tongue of Stephen Carradini. An Auburn, Alabama based musician along with his band The Midnight Sons, putted down these original songs and The Mountain Goats covers in this full length titled “How We Lived”.

This album represents the relation between a man with his usual daily life and God who gave this man a chance to enjoy his daily life. Stephen Carradini loves Jesus and art. Everything else he does is because of or serves as fodder for the other two. Happy Holidays!

(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)