• RELEASE DATE /1 October 2010
  • CATALOG /T/T009

Production Notes

Liner Notes

I found Jirapah by way of Eric Wirjanata of Deathrockstar fame when he recommended me this little two piece based in New York, yet led by an Indonesian student. Now, I usually shrug off recommendations cause of other distractions but this is Eric talking! DRS doesn’t fuck around!

So I went on their site and downloaded their music…and i was floored! The heavy ambiance and minimalistic beats underlining these detached pop songs was totally heartbreaking. Think Pretty-in-Black-Era-The Raveonettes meets early Interpol and you have an idea of what they sound like.

So then I offered to release their single and compilation EP on T/T and they said yes! And here it is!

Enjoy this slice! The whole pie is coming soon!

(Ababil Ashari)