Production Notes

Copyleft 2018 Tsefula/Tsefuelha RecordsAche are:
Rizkan (vocal/bass)
Putra (drum)
Ayam (guitar)
Recorded on June 2017 at RDR Studio, CileDOOM
Engineered by Kiki D’Massiv (Yea D’Massiv Gut Ur Fukkin Back!)
Mixed and Mastered by Putra The Son of Thor & Ridwan The Congkelman at The Avengers HQ
All pervert lyrics by Rame Rame

Liner Notes

Ache is a Tangerang Based emotive punk band consist of Rizkan (vocal/bass), Putra (drum), and Ayam (guitar) who are originally from bands like San-Ei! and Rejected Kids. The sound of Ache is a reminiscent of days where things were simple and easygoing. Where Emo and Pop-punk intertwined and nobody even have the time to notice the differences. It is when house partygoers and teenagers were happily enjoy their suburbs life accompanied by the soundtrack from Hot Water Music, Knapsack, Amp 176, Christie Front Drive, The Promise Ring, The Get Up Kids, Jawbreaker and Cadillac Blindside. Certainly a time where internet was at its toddler stage and everybody were having fun in real life.

(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)