DOM 65 “Secret Warehouse”

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FREZZER “Mr Satan!”


Frezzer is yet another project of Bagas Yudhiswa (Megatruh, Dracula Omnivora, Beeswax) from Sidoarjo who is now studying in Malang. Being one of the hottest act in Malang today, Bagas spend his time wisely by making music projects with his peers and surprisingly all of them are in good quality. Drawing influence from 90s noise pop and alternative, Frezzer delivers a somewhat enjoyable noisy sound that will hook you up immediately with its catchy nature.

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Frau akan Gelar Konser Tentang Rasa


Frau akan menggelar Konser Tentang Rasa. Dalam konser ini, Frau mencoba menghadirkan pengalaman baru yang lebih menyeluruh dalam menikmati musik. Kesan lintas indera itu membuat penonton dapat terlibat secara aktif untuk merangkai impresi rasanya sendiri, bisa berupa senang, sedih, bosan, hingga kantuk.

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ALTARISE “Impulse Release”


ALTARISE. Altarise is one of the noir rock bands in Surabaya after Pedestrian Drama and Noise Good. Juwita Noni as vocalist, Altarise delivers a vocal tone that sounds like Anita Lane making out with Hope Sandoval and having a party with These Immortal Souls. Smooth yet sinking atmosphere of Altarise will surely make anybody who happens to put their songs in a car would likely plunge into a river…. of sorrow. With that kind of power, how a man suppose to drive a car. We will never know (Akhmad Alfan rahadi)

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