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With YESNO 049 (Shorthand Phonetics’ “thirty-four minutes with hide and tsubasa”), we are experimenting with two new aspects of Indonesian netlabel music distribution: 1. Lossless music distribution and 2. The “Name Your Price” model. Only now, we can finally experiment with these aspects in a meaningful way.

On number one: Distributing music in a Lossless format, like FLAC or ALAC, means that the music we give to you will not be downgraded in quality. It will be the EXACT reproduction of the original recordings of the artists. The music will no longer be plagued with artifacts like popping or disturbing phasering during the silences […] In a sense, it will be perfect.

On number two: The music industry is frantically finding new ways to make money (In the micro-level, to compensate artists). Industry people, like Andrew Dubber and others, are exploring how artists can survive in this new brave world of digital distribution. And in 2007, Radiohead popularized the “Name Your Price” distribution model. And it was successful, for Radiohead. But what about smaller artists? Can this work too? This is what we are trying to find out.

To some extent, we’ve tested these new aspects separately on YESNO 042 (Frau’s “Starlit Carousel) and T/T 003 (Shorthand Phonetics’ “Love in the Time of Information Technology”) and the results look promising!

So wish us luck in this endeavor and tell your friends about this experiment!

It starts with…

YESNO 049.

Ababil Ashari
Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records, Founder and A&R
Yes No Wave Music, Content Provider

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