Ku Nobatkan Jadi Fantasi dari The Upstairs yang dirilis oleh Yes No Wave Music dinobatkan dalam 10 album netlabel terbaik tahun 2008 versi webzine asal Jerman, Matchdose.de. Berikut kutipan tulisan dari webzine tersebut:

“Favourite netlabel albums 2008

Well, it’s december and nearly everyone everywhere is doing that charty-farty game – and so do we. Before our “regular” best-of-lists for this year will follow here (presumably at end of this month) I’ve decided to give you my netlabel favourites first.

That’s highly questionable – why should I seperate “free” netaudio music from commercial releases on physical labels – as I’m absolutely convinced that the quality of music is independent from its form of distribution? Isn’t this separation a debasement à la “here are my netlabel picks but later you will have the the “real” ones”?

So, believe me, all of the following are possible candidates for every 2008 best-of review I could make, I’m just presenting them in an extra list, because it gives me the opportunity to include more of them than in a combined list (vice versa I can include more non-netlabel stuff in the later one).

Additionally “Netlabel Favourites 2008″ isn’t really correct, because this is more a retrospective through the last 12 Machtdose podcast episodes, which means the reviewed time frame is Dec 07 – Nov 08. (as the podcast epidodes mostly present tracks released in the month before).”

Untuk info lengkap deretan album terbaik ini dan untuk mengunduhnya, silakan klik disini.

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