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We’ve met him last March with his Know Where You’re Heading EP released on this netlabel, now he’s done it again with a single entitled “Thoughts.” We know that 2014 is about to be couple of hours behind, we begin to think, to introspect, to resolute , to have thoughts. Some thoughts are better left behind in the 2014 and some thoughts need to be fulfilled in 2015. These are the thoughts of Dandy Gilang and he wants you to have thoughts about them also

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TO FORFEIT “To Forfeit EP”


When you come across with To Forfeit, be sure that you’ll never get forfeit for being enthusiasticly empathize with them. Emotional rock as true as it gets, these guys really deliver a sense of emotive sound that can only be found in early days of Cursive and Appleseed Cast. A combination of psychedelic tunes and impulsive vocal, To Forfeit reign supreme in the unexplored frontier of Indonesia’s emotive rock sound. In a simplest way, To Forfeit is one of a kind in the angst-ridden music scene

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ENSENA “The Judgement”


Ever wondered where the darkness reside when ramadhan comes? They reside somewhere to produce sounds to fulfill our longing of darkness in this holy month. One of those dark entities is Ensena, rumored to be consisted of four horsemen of the apocalypse to come. Currently dwelling amongst the tall grass of Cipanas, West Java, Ensena somehow manage to deliver us this dark sermon to our lone and blackened souls. Cold is the wind, Abrasive is the whispering word. (Akhmad Alfan rahadi)

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Unholy Vein is a metalcore band from bogor, wear masks when they perform, what else could they offer? Of course the songs. This band has the intensity and the raw energy that most metalcore bands don’t have. Double vocals and rapid guitar attacks can easily turn your calm and quiet head into a headbang machine. Not safe for work

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WRECK “Wreck”


Wreck , is a band from Bandung with a hint of icing sugar sound from Washington DC’s post hardcore era and indie rock earliest years. Acil and his comrades sing about rejection and rebellion against political persuasion. Pretty much both of the songs in this package tell us about it

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COTSWOLDS “Live In Bandung 2013”


Praised by neighboring country’s media, got reviewed by rolling stone magazine , and done a
tour of java. What else could they want more? They’ve done much on 2013, and gain much spotlight
on 2013, why not releasing a live album? So we give to you Cotswolds Live at Bandung.

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DANDY GILANG “Know Where You’re Heading”


Dandy Gilang. A young fellow who currently serve as a vocalist for Write The Future and plays guitar for Lights Out started this project a year ago. A humble and earnest youngster who found an escape in crafting songs in his own language since December 2013. Talking about youth and romanticism, Dandy Gilang perfectly captured the cool breeze of Malang city and coming of age theme in a lively sound.

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