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Eleventwelfth, Aillis and Glare are of the new emo/post hardcore bands from Jakarta and Bandung. In this three way split, we want to display the sounds of the three as one fusion energy reactor that is so pure that it could wash away restlessness from every listener’s soul, as well as commemoration for the Indonesian reformation event of 27 July 1996 where 5 students are shot dead after protesting the government for manipulating political environment in Indonesia

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FREZZER “Mr Satan!”


Frezzer is yet another project of Bagas Yudhiswa (Megatruh, Dracula Omnivora, Beeswax) from Sidoarjo who is now studying in Malang. Being one of the hottest act in Malang today, Bagas spend his time wisely by making music projects with his peers and surprisingly all of them are in good quality. Drawing influence from 90s noise pop and alternative, Frezzer delivers a somewhat enjoyable noisy sound that will hook you up immediately with its catchy nature.

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ALTARISE “Impulse Release”


ALTARISE. Altarise is one of the noir rock bands in Surabaya after Pedestrian Drama and Noise Good. Juwita Noni as vocalist, Altarise delivers a vocal tone that sounds like Anita Lane making out with Hope Sandoval and having a party with These Immortal Souls. Smooth yet sinking atmosphere of Altarise will surely make anybody who happens to put their songs in a car would likely plunge into a river…. of sorrow. With that kind of power, how a man suppose to drive a car. We will never know (Akhmad Alfan rahadi)

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Cortical is a project from Jakarta’s enigmatous David H Tobing. Living in a busy and high density Jakarta, Cortical delivers a complex music experience and systematic arrangement. Parallel to the complex everyday life of this Indonesia’s Capitol City,

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MUCH “Residues”


MUCH. Is a duo, occasionally a band mainly consists of Dandy Gilang(again, what do you expect he’s one of our favorite artists here) and his muse Aulia Anggia playing happy indie rock, sometimes gloomy yet still with a happy tone. The singles consists of two unreleased songs from Closest Things I Can Relate To EP recording session. At first Dandy was unsure about these two songs, but after hearing session with our staff Alfan, the songs are eventually released under the name Residues (consider this as a supplement for the EP). Well for you who wants some instant happy energy supplement heerees MUCH!

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GREEN OF LIFE “Weird Peace”


Green of Life is Andra Semesta’s art, lyrics and music, Andra Semesta is a part of To Forfeit which we also released on last September. Green of Life is a subtler work of Andra, but connected with To Forfeit in terms of “feels”. When you’re listening To Forfeit, you’re listening to Andra’s outburst unbound, but in Green Of Life, Andra presents a subdued side of his singing.

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We’ve met him last March with his Know Where You’re Heading EP released on this netlabel, now he’s done it again with a single entitled “Thoughts.” We know that 2014 is about to be couple of hours behind, we begin to think, to introspect, to resolute , to have thoughts. Some thoughts are better left behind in the 2014 and some thoughts need to be fulfilled in 2015. These are the thoughts of Dandy Gilang and he wants you to have thoughts about them also

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TO FORFEIT “To Forfeit EP”


When you come across with To Forfeit, be sure that you’ll never get forfeit for being enthusiasticly empathize with them. Emotional rock as true as it gets, these guys really deliver a sense of emotive sound that can only be found in early days of Cursive and Appleseed Cast. A combination of psychedelic tunes and impulsive vocal, To Forfeit reign supreme in the unexplored frontier of Indonesia’s emotive rock sound. In a simplest way, To Forfeit is one of a kind in the angst-ridden music scene

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ENSENA “The Judgement”


Ever wondered where the darkness reside when ramadhan comes? They reside somewhere to produce sounds to fulfill our longing of darkness in this holy month. One of those dark entities is Ensena, rumored to be consisted of four horsemen of the apocalypse to come. Currently dwelling amongst the tall grass of Cipanas, West Java, Ensena somehow manage to deliver us this dark sermon to our lone and blackened souls. Cold is the wind, Abrasive is the whispering word. (Akhmad Alfan rahadi)

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Unholy Vein is a metalcore band from bogor, wear masks when they perform, what else could they offer? Of course the songs. This band has the intensity and the raw energy that most metalcore bands don’t have. Double vocals and rapid guitar attacks can easily turn your calm and quiet head into a headbang machine. Not safe for work

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WRECK “Wreck”


Wreck , is a band from Bandung with a hint of icing sugar sound from Washington DC’s post hardcore era and indie rock earliest years. Acil and his comrades sing about rejection and rebellion against political persuasion. Pretty much both of the songs in this package tell us about it

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COTSWOLDS “Live In Bandung 2013”


Praised by neighboring country’s media, got reviewed by rolling stone magazine , and done a
tour of java. What else could they want more? They’ve done much on 2013, and gain much spotlight
on 2013, why not releasing a live album? So we give to you Cotswolds Live at Bandung.

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DANDY GILANG “Know Where You’re Heading”


Dandy Gilang. A young fellow who currently serve as a vocalist for Write The Future and plays guitar for Lights Out started this project a year ago. A humble and earnest youngster who found an escape in crafting songs in his own language since December 2013. Talking about youth and romanticism, Dandy Gilang perfectly captured the cool breeze of Malang city and coming of age theme in a lively sound.

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SHORTHAND PHONETICS “Catherine and Caroline”


“Catherine and Caroline” is the newest single by Shorthand Phonetics in 2014. This single represents a short story Hanabishi Hideaki wrote and filed away in the “incomplete” folder on his computer. You may interpret it as a hidden feeling of a woman to a woman or a friend left alone, this song opens to any fantasy you can imagine in your head. Though it may seems morose, the tune is somewhat refreshing and never near gloomy. It represents the fluctuating atmosphere of waiting. (Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)

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The Midnight Sons, Stephen Carradini and whoever else is around play songs that don’t get very loud at all is back! Under the name of The Midnight Sons, Carradini and associates returns, to deliver indie pop gospel and asks us to join him to walk under the light. Carradini is making sure that his songs are light enough so that he can illuminate the whole world entirely. But hear this! these songs are not to be taken lightly. (Akhmad Alfan rahadi)

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WOODCABIN “Woodcabin”


Woodcabin is a trio from Jatinangor that draws influence from classic 90’s Midwest American sound combining melodic punk and math progression. A joint venture between Jatinangor’s Saturday Night Karaoke and Surabaya’s Cotswolds this moodboster and positively emotive punk is a prove that “emo” isn’t all about sadness and restlessness. Borrowing from Rainer Maria’s song title, Woodcabin is a perfect “breakfast for champions”. No further babbling, we give you Jatinangor’s finest, Woodcabin.

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VARIOUS FLAMES “Prosa Tahunan”


Various Flames is a solo project from Raden Achmad Fauzan
Alfansuri Rahili a.k.a. Fanfan fully utilizing his laptop which he
called “tinut-tinut” and his guitar. Various Flames offers semi
electronic musical simplicity that recorded only with music
software and laptop hardware. Fanfan does all the production in his
room during the spare times between the hectic activities of
college,work and band

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COTSWOLDS “Cotswolds EP”


Cotswolds, are consists of four youngsters, brought together for the love of late,fuzzy guitar, reverb sounds,Late 1970s post punk,dusty catalog of Postcard Records and Thames Valey sounds.They brings out the cold side of the hot and sunny Surabaya. Heavily soaked with roomy sounds, motoric beats and echoed voice. These lads surely will bring the rain inside every mind who listens to them. This Cotswolds is not the name of a city somewhere in west-central England, this Cotswolds is a voice calling from the depth of a dark ocean inside your head

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VAGUE “Vague EP”


Vague, is a group of young jakarta people who celebrate their summer and youthful life in a form of musical collective which is inspired by the romanticism of mid eighties “Revolution Summer” of Hardcore punk of Washington DC that is now vaguely described into “emo” and “post-hardcore”.

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In Solemn bond with Jesus and under such indomitable piety, words
and joyful melody came down through the tongue of Stephen Carradini. An Auburn , Alabama based musician along with his band The Midnight Sons, putted down these original songs and The Mountain Goat covers in this full length titled “How We Lived”.

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AKUYOU “Blinded EP”


AkuYou, a project that began with Kim Chee Cook and Clara Clamp. Started in the summer of 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA with the thought of just putting out as much music as they can. Everything was recorded at home that turned out to be a full band with now Jim Nicholl , Shane Patrick and Zach Hollback joining in on the fun. AkuYou delivers defastating sounds of Dissonant bliss, cruel bassline, loud thumping tribal beats and dark apocalyptic atmosphere.(Akhmad Alfan rahadi)

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CERUMENTRIC “Failure Of The Moment [single]”


CERUMENTRIC is a synthrock band from the southern part of Manila, Philippines. Erick A. Fabian Sr., who sings, plays monosynths, melodicas and samplers, is its sole member. CERUMENTRIC has been nominated twice in the Asia Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA).

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FRESHWATER FISH “Animal Simbolikum EP”


With howls of pain, trembling to psychotic voice, side by side with a driving drumbeat and weeping brass section. Freshwater Fish carry ammunitions of words that philosophically,politically and sociologically fierce. With themes spanning from juvenile addiction to internet social network up to urban decay, they provoke their listeners to protests on all aspect of life. Describing the human race as an animal with an ability to symbolize thoughts, that unfortunately leading themselves into a downfall. Built a country which in the end turned into a trashbin, that suck everything in and self destructed.(Akhmad Alfan Rahadi)

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SHORTHAND PHONETICS “Hide’s American Sabbatical: a primer…


Prequel EP to Shorthand Phonetics’ 2011 album which serves to provide a primer to Hanabishi Hideaki’s mindset entering his first year of medical internship in the album “Cantata no. 6 (Assistants of Assistants) in Varying Keys, Op. 25 for Three Electric Guitars, One Bass Guitar, One Drum Kit, One Tenor and Additional Voices Where Appropriate”.

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G12ateful Sounds: Rites of the Cult


The idea of making this mixtape actually came from Ababil Ashari who passed on this project couple of months ago. Who was also got the same project by Yes No Wave, of inviting musician or music fan to make their own mixtape. This compilation seeks to identify the candidate musical influences and explain how specific strains of niche genres has influenced the candidate’s musical output. And now it is now Papa Onta Cult’s turn and not just putting names who musically influenced, but also the names that actually determined the band’s path which made Papa Onta Cult today.

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THE ILLUSION “Goodbye Butterfly [single]”


More psychological than musical,
The Illusion created a sound bordering on the distortion and was an affront to the very fundamentals of what a

“rock” band should or even could be. The combination of noise and nonsense, any and all things childish,

exaggerated, and irrational, resulted in an incredible cacophony that transports you back to a time when you

still believed illusion lived under your brain. Hailing all the way from the cool frontier of east java,Malang City,

this band won’t just give you the atmosphere of ache and loneliness
but will bring you the frost itself.

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CONCRETE ALUMINIUM “Windows of Burnt Down Houses EP”


Silence comes with a noise.They are cold and telling us stories, and that’s exactly what this duo of electronica/noise musician and cutting edge film-maker Paul Agusta and Rayhan Sudrajat come up with,Under the moniker of Concrete Aluminium, They put together spoken word, noise and instrumental bliss into “Windows of Burnt Down Houses”. A sparse yet atmospheric journey behind “Windows of Burnt Down Houses” won’t just give you sounds but also an experience.

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PAPA ONTA CULT “Vampires [single]”


Once again they done it! Papa Onta Cult, eastern talent from the coast of Surabaya. Channeling their disgust and hate towards to the government and decadent society into two song.Still with the early 80s post-punk energy and an addition of a little bit psychedelic aura . A perfect soundtrack to start a riot.

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EMO SIDE PROJECT “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue”


As far as productivity is concerned, I can’t think of anyone that can rival Emo Side Project’s 20+ album discography in the outfit’s 5-7 year existence. These albums have ranged from electric to acoustic, ambient to emo and everything in between. So, I approached Andrew McShan, the main man behind Emo Side Project (plus doctorate candidate in Biochemistry and also just about my age) to make a compilation EP for people who might be intimidated by the breadth of his discography.

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HI MOM! “Do Me a Favour”


“Do Me a Favour” is a single by environmentalist indie rock band Hi Mom!. It was released on the
internet in 21st of July 2010 on Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records [T/T 006].

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