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COTSWOLDS “Live In Bandung 2013″ Release Date:
March 30th, 2014

COTSWOLDS “Live In Bandung 2013″

Praised by neighboring country's media, got reviewed by rolling stone magazine , and done a tour of java. What else could they want more? They've done much on 2013, and gain much spotlight on 2013, why not releasing a live album? So we give to you Cotswolds Live at Bandung. [...] Download »

DANDY GILANG “Know Where You’re Heading” Release Date:
March 2nd, 2014

DANDY GILANG “Know Where You’re Heading”

Dandy Gilang. A young fellow who currently a vocalist for Write The Future and playing guitar for Lightsout started this project a year ago. A humble and earnest youngster who found an escape in making songs in his language since December 2013. Talking about youth life and romanticism, Dandy Gilang perfectly captured the cool breeze of Malang city and a path to maturity in a lively sound. The twinkly appergiating guitar melodies and the sophistically crafted lyrics are the sweet toppings of this big hearted meal. A month of March supposedly be a march towards new direction, transforming the compassionate February into an energy for March. I bet Dandy knows where you guys should be heading (Akhmad Alfan rahadi) [...] Download »

SHORTHAND PHONETICS “Catherine and Caroline” Release Date:
January 8th, 2014

SHORTHAND PHONETICS “Catherine and Caroline”

"Catherine and Caroline" is the newest single by Shorthand Phonetics in 2014. This single represents a short story Hanabishi Hideaki wrote and filed away in the "incomplete" folder on his computer. You may interpret it as a hidden feeling of a woman to a woman or a friend left alone, this song opens to any fantasy you can imagine in your head. Though it may seems morose, the tune is somewhat refreshing and never near gloomy. It represents the fluctuating atmosphere of waiting. (Akhmad Alfan Rahadi) [...] Download »

THE MIDNIGHT SONS “New Life” Release Date:
December 17th, 2013


The Midnight Sons, Stephen Carradini and whoever else is around play songs that don't get very loud at all is back! Under the name of The Midnight Sons, Carradini and associates returns, to deliver indie pop gospel and asks us to join him to walk under the light. Carradini is making sure that his songs are light enough so that he can illuminate the whole world entirely. But hear this! these songs are not to be taken lightly. (Akhmad Alfan rahadi) [...] Download »

SHORTHAND PHONETICS “The Aftermath is Secondary Something Very Romantic About It” Release Date:
September 9th, 2013

SHORTHAND PHONETICS “The Aftermath is Secondary Something Very Romantic About It”

Shorthand Phonetics once again releasing another smash hit single titled "The Aftermath is Secondary Something Very Romantic About It, dedicated to early era Party Poison. This single represents a retrospective Hanabishi Hideaki wrote about a recently broken up band for a local music webzine. Loud-soft dynamic and tranquill breakdown part will left your mind in awe... [...] Download »

WOODCABIN “Woodcabin” Release Date:
May 28th, 2013

WOODCABIN “Woodcabin”

Woodcabin is a trio from Jatinangor that draws influence from classic 90's Midwest American sound combining melodic punk and math progression. A joint venture between Jatinangor's Saturday Night Karaoke and Surabaya's Cotswolds this moodboster and positively emotive punk is a prove that "emo" isn't all about sadness and restlessness. Borrowing from Rainer Maria's song title, Woodcabin is a perfect "breakfast for champions". No further babbling, we give you Jatinangor's finest, Woodcabin. [...] Download »

VARIOUS FLAMES “Prosa Tahunan” Release Date:
April 22nd, 2013

VARIOUS FLAMES “Prosa Tahunan”

Various Flames is a solo project from Raden Achmad Fauzan Alfansuri Rahili a.k.a. Fanfan fully utilizing his laptop which he called "tinut-tinut" and his guitar. Various Flames offers semi electronic musical simplicity that recorded only with music software and laptop hardware. Fanfan does all the production in his room during the spare times between the hectic activities of college,work and band [...] Download »



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SURI/SERIGALA JAHANAM “Gurun Nestapa” May 4th, 2010


Split album ini menyajikan ramuan dan adonan ilmu-ilmu hitam yang sakti dari dua kubu ilmu sihir dengan jurus maut msing-masing. [...] Download »

THE FRANKENSTONE “A Kid’s Refuge from The Adult” March 7th, 2011

THE FRANKENSTONE “A Kid’s Refuge from The Adult”

Menilik pengaruh ke album awal mereka, album ganda ini diproduksi dengan keseriusan untuk bermain-main dan begitu pun sebaliknya. Ide kreatif beserta [...] Download »


Frau Kembali Lagi June 14th, 2013

Frau Kembali Lagi

Dua tahun bukan waktu yang sebentar. Ada banyak peristiwa datang dan pergi, nada-nada baru bergulir dengan arus yang deras, nama-nama asing mencoba ma[...] Read more »